Key Lime Pie Bars

To me, lime just screams summer. Limeade, lime popsicles, lime ice cream. Lime in water, lime in a summer drink too. I really could go on. It’s like a permanent vacation. And it’s summer which is exactly what that is. Except when you are a real grown up and there is no such thing as summer break. But I’m totally not a real adult yet, so summer is still totally a thing in my mind.


see those specs? Yeah, that’s lime zest.

Along with my island obsessions key limes just make me want to put my feet up and be swept away by an ocean breeze. Well, that’s a little hard to come by in Washington DC where the swampy humidity is in full swing. So once again, I resort to a chilly snack to satiate my summer cravings.


summer = lime. Obviously.

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