Pumpkin Risotto

Obviously I’m obsessed with pumpkin. As evident from thisthis, or this. I also have a brand new Pumpkin Section in my recipe section (check it out). I love experimenting with pumpkin in a variety of baked goods, and while I always intend to branch out to non-sweets, I just never seem to get around it. Or I’m just really so much in love with dessert to ever stray from that. But not this time. This time, I combined two of my favorite things into one awesome dish that I will continue to make all winter long. Because it is freaking delicious. And it’s pumpkin season until the snow is gone gone gone.

20131006_182146      20131006_182617

If you are like me (or you are a normal person), you like cozy foods. My favorite things about the colder weather is my blanket and eating yummy things. Like Shepard’s Pie, Chili, Guinness Beef Stew, all things made by my boyfriend. Because why mess around in that department when he does such a good job already? And we all know I should stick with the sugar, flour, butter concoctions. But when my personal chef is not around I have to fend for myself. And I do a pretty good job.  With this.


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Rooibos Phoenix Oatmeal Cookies

“Will you love me more if I make you cookies?”


This is the question I asked my boyfriend as I was debating what to bake over the weekend. Since the calendar says it is fall, even though the weather says summer (which, by the way, is totally fine by me) it basically means its baking season. It’s actually more like pre-season, since we all know baking is a winter sport. But all I want to do when I’m not rowing an absorbent amount of meters on the rowing machine is bake things. And eat a lot of bread. You know, so different from my normal routine.

We have previously established that every single male anywhere loves cookies. And they really love oatmeal raisin cookies. In fact, this blog alone has a few oatmeal raisin cookie recipes, and I’m not really even the biggest fan. This just proves that I’m not the heartless wench I believe I am. Don’t tell anyone. Or I will probably kill you. Or just withhold cookies. Which is absolutely just as bad.


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