Apple Cider Donuts

I can’t believeĀ its already time to prep for Thanksgiving. Which basically means it’s Christmastime. My favorite. Between traveling for work and working late nearly every night over the past few weeks I barely have time for baking aka stress relieving to the max. I do get to sneak in delicious projects likes these:


Which is a very good thing. I’d probably go insane if I didn’t. No seriously. Intense baking projects are my saving grace.

One of my favorite memories of living in Massachusetts is going apple picking with my family. My youngest brother was only 5 at the time and I remember making him climb the trees to get the really good apples, which he would drop in my bucket. Picking apples was always fun, but since I easily get distracted I never really stuck with it. I was always more excited about the apple – flavored treats. I was ready for a break before I began. And I’m always ready for these.


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