Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream

So there’s this thing that’s been happening lately which I will fondly refer to as winter. Except I’m not really fond of it. Actually, I hate it. I know, such a strong word, but totally needed here. I like heat and sunshine and showing off a golden tan from too much vitamin D. Snow? No, I do not like that. Winter,  you have definitely overstayed your welcome and I’m ready for summer. Let’s just skip spring and get this humidity started.

It may be freezing and my boots have gotten their fair share of wear but that doesn’t mean that my favorite treat has been banned until all the snow has melted. Yep, I bring to you an ice cream recipe in February. But I know you will forgive me because it’s amazing and delicious. Remember when I spent a whole weekend making Rainbow Cookies? And then I mentioned that I’d be turning that into ice cream? Well that time is now and I’m beyond excited.


This is actually not my original idea. I first tried Rainbow Cookie ice cream on a summer day when my boyfriend and I took a trip to a on old timey ice cream shoppe. The old timier, the better. I vowed I MUST make this ice cream. And here it is. But this one is tweaked to my liking so I’m claiming it as my own.


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White Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Sometimes you just need a cookie. But then the question becomes which cookie? And just what is the best cookie? Is chocolate chip the holy grail of cookies? According to my boyfriend, no. Oatmeal Raisin wins that award. But we’ve been through that before. My cookie-loving boyfriend got the most epic cookie jar for Christmas and I needed to step up, be an awesome girlfriend, and fill the cookie jar — and my boyfriend’s belly.


So the debate on the best cookie may still be ongoing, but these cookies are definitely contenders for a place on the podium. White chocolate and caramel in cookie form. Way better than I thought these flavors could ever be. Not without the addition of browned butter, of course. My favorite kind of butter. And it should be yours too. I had some white chocolate from making so much peppermint bark and really wanted to use it up. And throwing in some caramel didn’t seem like such a bad idea either. Totally brilliant.

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