Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies

So I’ve been MIA for what seems like the longest time. Things have definitely changed around here. I don’t eat bread. Or diary, legumes, and sugar. I am full throttle into the Paleo craze. Except it’s not really a trendy thing. Just a thing that is happening for the foreseeable future. Its actually really great knowing that I’m not feeding myself with crap anymore. I read nutrition label like a little kid learning to read for the first time: voraciously. Didn’t everyone just want to read and read and read? Or was that just me? I’m amazed at the amount of crap in most foods and kicking corn and soy products to the curb is really great. We don’t want your kind here. Just the grass-fed, cage-free. natural variety can come to this party.

So one of the tenants of a Paleo lifestyle is no sugar. For someone raised on New England treats and sweets, this has posed to be the most difficult. Yes, even more than bread. And while I love to eat sweets, I like to bake them even more. I was so excited, I had some overly ripe bananas which always means banana bread! So I tried my hand at Paleo banana bread. Result: major failure. It was just an oily mess. Relearning the intricacies of baking for Paleo is going to take sometime.


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