Simple Summer Salad

When it gets really hot all I want is salad, Popsicles, and ice cream. And margaritas too. Obviously. One of my favorite salads is the Chicken Ceasar that my boyfriend makes, but since making the switch to Paleo, that’s out. I will beat you non-Paleo Ceasar dressing with my own, equally delicious version. I will. Someday. Until that day is here I bring you my new favorite salad dressing which will absolutely be a summer staple.


The great thing about saled is its basically whatever you want. My boyfriend doesn’t like grape tomatoes so he doesn’t put those on. Feta? Sometimes. Avocado? Always. Corn. Cranberries. Cucumbers. Basically all the things. And meat. Because I’m not a rabbit and I need sustenance.

My go-to dressing is an olive-oil/mustard/red wine vinegar mixture that is pretty blah. I thought I’d step it up by asking for my little mini food processor for help. With the addition of basil and garlic, I definitely stepped up my game. And I have extra for lots of summer salads.IMG_20140526_195715

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Chocolate Banana Bread

I’ve always been an independent person. I mean, I moved to New York City on my own, with no money, no friends, and no job. So yeah, you don’t need to hold my hand. I like my solitary time. I know my friends would all describe me as a social butterfly, one who never says no to an adventure; I once had a friend tell me, “you take everything fun and make it crazy.” Yes, I’m a little much to handle. But I’m also fairly reflective and contemplate life every moment my brain is free. Its the budding psychologist in me, I suppose. I explored the city on my own during the first few years of living here and I think that’s a big part of why I love it so much. Solo museum trips, reading a book in the park, or just walking down the street, all things that bring about a different experience of city living. I spent so many years as a solitary independent young person that it seems like a whole other life from the one I live now.

While waiting for a friend for a long overdue catch up session, I enjoyed a solitary glass of wine at a local wine bar. It was refreshing to rediscover my need for solidarity and also the excitement that comes with having amazing friends who will never flinch at sharing lots of cheese and even more wine while discussing the trials of a 30-year-old.

I also baked this banana bread on my own but its OK, I shared it. So what if I ate about 3/4 of it myself? 1 slice for you, 3 for me. Its just how I roll.
It is so good, only 1 slice left before pictures were taken.


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Triple Chocolate Cake

Oh, hello friends. I’m not dead, and I didn’t run away to Belize. Although that plan is always in my head. But I’ve definitely been slacking in my baking lately but I’ve also been teaching myself the Paleo baking ways.  My first attempt was a total failure which was totally depressing. Would I never make my apartment smell amazing again? Well that would be tragic. And by amazing I really mean like brownies and pumpkin bread.

But I’m back, just in time, too. My most favorite thing is chocolate cake which is always appropriate but especially at birthdays. And 30th birthdays definitely deserve an epic cake. I am officially out of my twenties and embracing it with a triple chocolate cake. I totally made myself a cake which is a thing that grown ups do. Friends to that too. Whoa, look at me. Responsible and a good friend. I must be an adult now.


This cake is my favorite thing. I definitely ate about half of it by myself. But’s it’s my birthday and I’ll eat a whole cake if I want to. It’s paleo but you can’t tell. Seriously. This cake is dense and chocolatey without being too sweet. And the frosting is the best. Better than any non – paleo frosting I’ve ever made before. No joke. And the ganache is super creamy. But the frosting. Amaze Balls. And I know my frosting. I would totally have just eaten the frosting. If I didn’t have a 4 – layer cake to decorate. Eating frosting is totally a thing I would do. My 4-year-old self wishes I would. Frosting = happiness. And everyone should be happy on their birthday.

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