Mango Guacamole


When I was a kid I ate guacamole with anything. All the time. Because that’s what California kids do. Or basically anyone who like delicious things. But I was not a fan of avocados. I thought they tasted different (they don’t) and they were a funny texture (they aren’t if you like creamy deliciousness). I should have known I just liked when things were mashed up. But then I wised up and got awesome and became an adult (sort of) and have been consuming avocados in most things.

One of the hardest parts about living in a massive city is not having an avocado tree in my back yard. Or actually a back yard. So paying more than a dollar for an avocado feels like I’m being robbed. Even though I do it every week. Man, my life is hard. So when I had 1.5 avocados that we’re totally ripe and perfect, I thought, it’s totally guac time. This time I decided to sweeten it up with a mango I had lying around. Best decision. And this goes perfect with chips or tacos. Or just a spoon actually.

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Mint Chip Ice Cream

When I decided to go Paleo I knew one of the hardest things would be giving up ice cream. Bread, I like you but I don’t love you. Ice cream? Totally, madly in love. It’s kind of serious. I like a lot of things but ice cream and I have had something going on for quite awhile. I used to opt out of cake on my birthday and have an ice cream sundae party instead. Obviously, the best idea ever. Pre-Paleo I’d never hesitate to stop in for for-yo in the dead of winter. Because ice cream is always appropriate.

But then I stopped eating crap and got sad because ice cream is my favorite. But since exploring Paleo baking I decided to give Paleo ice cream a try and I’m less sad and my ice cream maker is back to being my summertime slave. Get ready. It’s summer here which means its ice cream time. For all the people. Not just me.

But can we be real for a minute? Paleo ice cream is not as good as regular, full-fat, full-dairy ice cream. Sorry, it just isn’t. Coconut milk just doesn’t give it the same creamy, indulgent quality. But you know, that’s really ok. And considering how much ice cream I eat, it’s totally fine to have some that isn’t full of fat and sugar. But this mint ice cream packs just as much of a punch as the non-Paleo kind. Or even more than Breyers, because that has zero flavor anyway. It’s minty and refreshing without overloading your tummy with dairy. I could easily eat this entire batch in one sitting. I won’t because I’m a grown up and I’m responsible like that. But I could. Just saying.



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