City Cakes

IMG_20160224_153510One of the great things about living in New York City is discovering new places, even in neighborhoods that you think you know. I walked by this place 3 TIMES after finally seeing this tiny little bakery tucked under a scaffolding down some secret stairs to a tiny little shop. The pastry counter is about 4 feet long and presents cupcakes as well as their HALF POUND cookies. Well, I’ll be back for those. Definitely. There’s nowhere to sit inside so I took my cupcake and ate it on a bench. Because of course. This is NYC and cupcakes should be eaten on the go.


Look at me, trying a cupcake other than chocolate. Bring on the Nutella-covered-something and I’m game for anything you can put in my mouth. I’m pretty sure that Nutella goes with everything. I’m sure it’s scientifically founded. I’m fairly confident in that. And this cupcake is no exception. This Oreo-Nutella stuffed cupcake (yes, you heard that right) is amazing. Like, seriously, get yourself to City Cakes and eat this as soon as possible.

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Eleni’s is an adorable sweet shop located in Chelsea Market, which is an epic indoor market, complete with shopping, snacks, restaurants, and of course, cupcakes. I first it when the family I babysat for introduced them to me.

Eleni’s is not solely a cupcake store, they also have cookies, brownies, and candy. So it’s pretty much a one-stop-shop for any sugar-fiend. I do not discriminate, but my heart always lies with cupcakes so that’s what brought me back.


I’m really going to have to start branching out because it seems I’m a chocolate girl, through and through. I swear I like other flavors too. Chocolate is just so GOD damn sexy. And delicious. Deliciously sexy. And that’s always going to win me over. This chocolate cupcake also had a heart-shaped sugar cookie so it’s a good day. While this cupcake had really solid, chocolatey flavor, it was slightly crumbly, but overall a very decent cupcake. The frosting is creamy with a great milk chocolate flavor. It has a soft whipped consistency and a great texture. The cake:frosting ratio is great, as it covers the whole cupcake and the frosting doesn’t overpower the cupcake. Overall, a really good cupcake. I’m more partial to deep, dark, rich and sinfully-chocolaty, but this milk chocolate variety is definitely a winner for some people.


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Ladybird Bakery

Guys, I love Brooklyn. If someone had asked me when I first moved to the city if I’d move to Brooklyn, I’d look at you with my shadiest look and then proclaim, um NO. Manhattan is life. Well, now my tune has changed and I live in Brooklyn and I love it. I don’t actually miss Manhattan and you couldn’t pay me to live in Manhattan. Well, you could, actually. I have not won the lottery, so if you want to pay me to live in a swanky downtown apartment, I’ll do it. But until that day comes, I’ll keep living in and loving Brooklyn. And Brooklyn has cupcakes too, so there really no reason to leave.

Before Brooklyn was cool, Park Slope was a happening spot. And home to a tiny bakery called Ladybird Bakery. Actually a little sister bakery to one of my favorites in the Upper East Side. Now that bakery has a killer chocolate cupcake. We’re talking perfect devilish chocolatey cake, extremely rich frosting, with chocolate ganache inside. It’s heavenly. But definitely not an everyday cupcake. More of an eat your feelings kind of cupcake.

IMG_20160131_161245  IMG_20160131_161230

But the cupcakes from Ladybird Bakery are not those cupcakes. And man oh man. I wish they were. I was not impressed which makes my cupcake heart sad.

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