It Started with a Mixer

My mom is an incredible chef.  She is from new England and is a firm believer in flavor and seasons.  We like butter.  A lot.  She even had her own small baking company based out of our house for a bit.  Taste-tester number 1, right here.  I have always coveted all her baking supplies, the spring-form pan to make cheesecake, the tart pans, the countless dutch ovens, and of course, The Standing Mixer.  That thing is magic.  Anytime you hear the whisk at work, you know something amazing is happening and something delicious is coming your way.  I loved dumping all the ingredients in and turning it up full blast, which of course you aren’t supposed to do, but I have never really listened to anyone.  As I got older the obsession never dissaperated (yes, Harry Potter) and I would drag anyone who would let me into Williams-Sonoma just to look at the stand mixers.  Now, my mom had a beautiful white one.  Classic.  They did not have all the colors that are available now.  And my eyes always turn to the Cinnamon Red mixer on the shelf.  I have a slight obsession with making everything in my grown-up kitchen red (and I am off to a good start).  I love color, but I especially love RED.  It’s not even my ultimate favorite color.  That would be metallic lime green.  Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.  But red in the kitchen?  It just tells you, “wow.  Amazing things happen here.”  And trust me, they do.

Most people get a standing mixer as a gift for their wedding.  That is great for some people, but not for me.  I have never had any desire to get married, which I realized does not bode well in my plan to get a standing mixer.  I did not play “wedding” when I was 4; I was usually off pushing boys and throwing my brothers down the stairs.  I am not anti-marriage, actually I love weddings.  I love parties and friends, and food (obviously).  Tons of my friends are married or continually getting engaged and I am happy for them.  But in my quest for acquiring a standing mixer, a wedding is not the way to go about it.

Anyone who has a standing mixer will swear that it is the greatest addition to their kitchen and essential in future baking adventures.  I have wanted one FOREVER.  Any visit home was really just an excuse to monopolize the kitchen and bake something awesome.  I guess visiting my family is always pretty great too.  My mom’s Standing Mixer is like one of the family, definitely older than me, and has been through all the Christmas cookies, whipped cream, and whoopie pies that I have consumed in my life (it’s a lot).

My standing mixer was a gift from my mom, naturally.  Santa was definitely good to me in 2011.  I don’t even remember the amount of times I have told my mixer, “I love you.”  But I do.  I love it.  A lot.  And I have been good to that mixer.  From bread, to cake, ice cream, and whipped cream, any thing is possible.  ANYTHING.  I am so glad to live in a house with 6 other people because I can make things all the time and force feed it to them, even if 5 of those people are skinny girls.  As I embark on this blogging adventure what is a more appropriate starting point than the root of my love for baking?  It all started with a whisk (or a wooden spoon, or a measuring cup, etc) but my Cinnamon Red KitchenAid Standing Mixer brought it to a whole new level.


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