Brought to You by The Letter S

I work a day job which I love.  Really.  I do.  But you would never know that they way I relish my weekends and try so hard to fill my days with research just to make it to Friday and have incredible summer weekends.  Every single weekend I have had since June 1 has been just that: AMAZING.  Sundays are my favorite and I try to draw them out as long as possible (even if that means going to bed way later than I need to).  It’s like a recharge when you think about all the fun/tiring things you did during the week and how to top it all come Monday.  Life is continuously incredible and I even find little moment sitting in my cubicle to smile.  I am starting this weekly post to highlight happiness in my life.  And there is a lot.  Smiles all the time.  So whether or not I get a chance to share some incredible baking concoctions with you, there will always be something inspiring to share about the moments that make up my week.

Also, I love The Muppets.  More than ANYONE.  Yes.  Even Jason Segel.  I cried 4 times during The Muppet Movie.  I would make like Walter if I ever meet Kermit.  I am also passionately committed to developing educational media and am convinced that Sesame Street is the reason for my highly-functioning brain.  And need to be a child forever.  This is where the title of these posts come from.

Summer Salad from my favorite salad bar (complete with THE best lemonade).  And yes, I do eat lunch at my desk.  Life is rough.Brought 

Reminders that I live in an incredible city and feel very insignificant while adventuring through Arlington Cemetery.

home-made limeade.  It’s like a mini vacay (complete with Star Wars lunchbox cameo, complements of le boyfriend)

homemade pizza + beer from my favorite place


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