13 Things

I’m not really a big fan of making resolutions because I always seem to break them and then I feel like a failure and drown my sorrows in wine or cupcakes or cheese.  Should I aim to be a better person?  Probably.  Should I try to be nice and stop judging everyone who crosses my path?  Yes.  But I like my snarky view of life and most of the people I like tolerate appreciate it for what it is: pure sass meant to make people smile.

I wouldn’t say 2012 was a big year for me.  Nothing really exciting happened, no new adventures, nothing ground breaking.  But I did find myself reflecting more times that often, usually involving tears or objects being thrown across the room.  I’m kind of an emotional basket case who can not make a decision without changing it drastically soon after.  I am all over the place and am incapable of focusing one one thing for the rest of my life.  Since this is a new year and I know that new things are coming here are 13 things that I learned, know to be true, and am working on.

1. My family is complicated and awesome all at the same time.

2. New York City has my heart forever and always.

3. Working out daily prevents me from going on a zombie rampage.

4. Baking prevents me from turning into The Hulk.

5. My freedom is more important than my money.

5. Kids are smart, creative, and insightful.  And capable of so much more than we give them credit for.

6.  It’s OK to be a girl, but I can still have whiskey and be less of one.  

8. People won’t change, no matter how much you want them to, or how much it hurts that they can’t.

9. Cupcakes cure anything.

10.  Home is where you are totally you, one hundred percent.  It may be where you grew up, or where you are now.  Find it and never give it up.

11. Say no to your boss, say yes to cheese (or wine, chocolate, and cookies).

12. Be crazy, just for the sake of making others laugh.  

13. Finding The One may not be easy, and may come at the darkest time in your life, but finding them makes everything leading up to that point
so worth it.   


this is where my heart is


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