Paris: The Adventure


I am a major travel hound, so when my most amazing family was planning a trip to Paris for Christmas, I was overly excited in plans for another European adventure.  I couldn’t wait to explore the city again, stuff my face with baguettes, the greatest butter ever, and macarons.  But the best was showing my boyfriend one of my favorite cities in the world.  Up until a few years ago I never had any desire to go to Paris.  I know, crazy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling, but I have a a very long list of places that I must go to before I die (or lose my legs in a rebellious activity), and Paris was never at the top of the list.  Not even top 10.  After my first Parisian holiday, all I could think was: what was I thinking?  Yes, in case you were unaware, Paris is amazing.

My third trip to Paris was full of macaron consuming, lots of walking, more walking, and more eating.  And then we walked some more.  What I love about Paris is what I love about every city I feel a part of.  Paris has the energy of New York City and the laid back social attitude of San Francisco (as laid back as Europe can be).  My two great geographical loves lumped into one metropolis with the greatest dessert ever.  Yes, macarons.  Can you tell I’m obsessed?  The longing I have been feeling lately for New York City was alleviated a bit during this week.  But now I also feel the need to be a city girl forever.

This is just a snapshot of the amazing week and half I spent in Paris, and while it doesn’t even scratch the surface in my mini Parisian adventure, you get the point.  It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

427768_663907127776_1397814419_nNotre Dame is more amazing that it looks

58217_663910406206_1501304073_nEveryone loves hot dogs in Paris.  Especially if they have cheese.  Melted cheese.

385258_663913100806_1349508584_nmy most favorite thing in life.  Sorry, Steve.

20129_663910635746_2100372855_nmy family rocks 

215693_663913155696_454099897_nthe first morning view from Notre Dame.  The best way to start the day.


4 thoughts on “Paris: The Adventure

  1. Yep, those hot dogs are quite the meal! And macarons are the perfect way to end that meal, and any other, for that matter! I’m glad you had a great time; thanks for sharing!

    – Jonathan I

  2. I. WANT. THOSE. HOT DOGS! I did not have nearly enough of them in Paris!

  3. pretty sure it’s macarOOn… 🙂

    1. It’s macaron. I have done my research.

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