Scary Movie Nights

I love scary movies.  But they terrify me.  Everytime a commercial comes on for a new stupid scary movie I immediately want to see it.  It doesn’t matter that they are all basically the same movie, with the same freaky demon, and the same lame heroine.  I have to see it.  Having a friend who will watch a scary movie with you is the best thing ever.  When Sharon and I planned to have a scary movie night, we decided it had to be on Friday, the 13th.  Every single time that Friday was a 13th.  Of any month.  It started in October, but it occurred again in April.  And in August.  It didn’t matter when it was, but it had to happen.  And what do two girls do when the have a scary movie night?  Drink wine, make cocktails, and freak ourselves out.

Oh.  And these.

2013-02-24 12.38.51

Every occasion is a time for brownies.  Since our first scary movie night was in October, the addition of Reece’s Pieces was meant to be a reminder of Halloween.  But then they all melted into the brownies, not a candy coating was left.  So what started out as a brownie fest turned into a brownie fest with super-secret peanut butter flavor.

2013-02-24 12.40.14

Who doesn’t love a good brownie mix?  It kind of goes against everything I stand for in a baker and blogger.  I was torn about whether to start from scratch or resort to a box mix.  I love brownies.  They are definitely my favorite and it is kind of shocking that I have not had a from-scratch brownie on this blog yet.  I promise to have one soon.  Actually, I promise to have 10, at least.  There.  I said it.  Please stand by for future delicious brownie posts.  But this week is all about Sharon.  And 2 girls use a box mix.  Because it’s easier.  And it makes it possible to eat the entire pan much quicker.  Because let’s be honest: two chocolate-loving girls + lots of alcohol = massive brownie consumption.

2013-02-24 12.39.12

Naturally these became a tradition. Peanut butter x chocolate x bottomless drinks x horrible scary movies = finest tradition ever concocted.  Along with Friday The 13th, Cabin Fever, and The Decent, just to name a few.  Of course.


Scary Movie Night Brownies


  • Brownie Mix (I prefer Giradhelli because it is the fudgiest)
  • ½ a cup Reece’s Pieces, plus more for sprinkling on top


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Prepare brownies as directed, adding reeces pieces before you put in pan.

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