My Other Lover

It’s no secret that I’m a little obsessed with California. Or that I’m a lot obsessed with New York City. And my most incredible boyfriend who would follow me anywhere if I let him. I fell hard for the latter two. You might even say love at first sight. And I’m falling hard again for a California. But this time it’s a different California.


My first relationship with the sunniest state left me jaded and bitter, like any first relationship will. I needed a rebound and fast. What I thought would be quick jaunt with bright lights and metro cards turned into an everlasting love, one that I can’t seem to ever get over. And that’s OK. New York is my city love.

But this New California? So much love and adventure and beauty I never knew existed. It like the first relationship that has changed into everything I want it to be, because it realized what I want and need. Not beachy towns, surfers everywhere, or dirty Los Angeles. It’s wine country and the freshest food I have ever tasted. It’s hot days sandwiched by foggy mornings and chilly nights. It’s the Redwoods, where the river meets the ocean, and driving for miles not sure what I’ll find. Sailing towns, and a semi city, covered in fog to provide the energy when I need it. Leggings, flip flops, and my fleece can become my uniform. I want all these adventures with my favorite Princeton accessory.

2011-09-16 16.20.43

I first discovered all this with him and everything is always so much better when he tags along on my indecisive life. Last time I was in The Russian River Valley I was blown away by it all. The city was exciting and calming as a sourdough boule was consumed with Monterey Jack and soppresata in Union Square. The Valley provided a break from it all and I want that break to last forever The tears started flowing as soon as I stepped into the airport, as they often do when I am forced to return to DC. Coming back someday was not an option, it was essential.


Two years later, this time was spent wine tasting for a day, eating delicious food 75% of the time, and thoughts of packing up my east coast life to settle in Healdsburg. Farmers market heaven, ice cream, and slow roasted bacon fat consumption. It was also spent without my favorite person, which strangely makes it just half as great. Teleportation would be awesome, My boyfriend is a rocket scientist, so he’s working on it. The Bay, the Farmers Markets, the vineyards, the Pacific, the city, the heat, I could go on forever. I’m in love, again. No one ever said you only have room for one love in your life. I definitely have room for multiples. And being the most indecisive person ever, it’s essential. But you know the best thing? The blending of all my loves into one awesome life. I’m one month into 29 and life is just now starting to feel right. Let’s keep this up from now on.




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