It’s Time for Cupcakes

Whoa, guys. It’s been so long. Summer is now over, everyone is busy, and I’ve totally been slacking. I’ve made a few cupcakes, even some ice cream. But that was just this week (coming soon, don’t worry). Mainly I’ve been traveling. To weddings and rowing regattas. So many weddings. Not enough rowing.

I love this blog. I’m not really sure how many people actually read this. Or how many people actually think I’m insane. But I am certain that my cupcakes are stellar. Like, the best ever. Because people tell me so. And eat more than two at a time. Often. Which is why this site is changing form and bringing you something totally new. Introducing The Little Red Mixer: Cupcake Edition. I’m launching a custom cupcake company here in New York City. Yes, city friends, you can now order your own varieties to share (or hoard). Think office parties, bachelorette parties (or bachelor parties–I’ve got love for the guys too), baby showers, or just cupcakes cause it’s Wednesday, and you need some sweet cupcake loving.


Always such a hit, they go fast!

I totally wish I could branch out to ship cupcakes to my non-NYC friends, but for now that’s just not happening. I know it’s totally heartbreaking. But I’m not going to leave you guys high and dry, I will still be updating the blog, but it will not be as often as you are used to. Which is hardly ever, so really, it’s the same. I’m still going to post about my life and baking adventures. And stay tuned for early recipe development when it comes to these cupcakes. Especially my boozy-filled cupcakes. Those take extra care.

New York friends, get ready for even more adventures in baking. Never been able to take part in the magic that is these cupcakes? Now is your chance! Order some for a friend or yourself. Because everyone needs a cupcake. Stay tuned for taste-test parties and sample giveaways, because I can’t eat all these cupcakes by myself. And I know how helpful you all can be.

Thanks for joining along on this journey with me! Can’t wait to keep sharing the passion for cupcakes! Be sure to check out the updated website and head over to the order page to get your very own custom cupcakes!


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