BELIZE: Mother Nature’s best kept secret

While this is not a post about something yummy, it is a post about something amazing so you should definitely read this.  Trust me, you are about to be amazed, jealous, and dreaming of getaways.  First off, you should know that I don’t do vacations.  I just have never had time for them.  Spring break and summer vacation are totally novel concepts to me.  This is because I was an athlete for 8 years of my life.  The constant fear of being cut from my water polo team prevented me from ever taking any vacation in high school and in college our season was the ENTIRE spring semester.  Now I kill my body because I just love the soreness in my shoulders.  Doesn’t everyone?  So this concept of “vacation” is totally a novel one for me.  And I am totally behind it.  One hundred and forty-five percent.

Being in school is kind of like being on vacation.  Except for the writing papers, taking tests, trying to graduate part.  But you can skip class, if you want.  You COULD skip work, if you want.  But I really like getting payed the same amount on the same day every two weeks.  Being in the “real world” for my first “real” job is a completely eye opening experience, one that I’m not really sure I am cut out for.  I like waking up early to go workout but that is nearly impossible when you go to bed at midnight and are working a job that keeps you busy all the time.  So I have tio settle for 5 hours of sleep a night.  Really not the best thing.  My body is crying everyday.  But at least I’m not fat.

In the past year I have graduated from school (again), moved to a new city, changed jobs (twice), and trained for a half-marathon (worst.decision.EVER).  I have never wanted, no NEEDED, a vacation more in my life, that I can remember.  So last week I spent 6 days in Belize.  Truly amazing.  Never in my life have a ever felt so relaxed in a continuous period of time.  The weather was hot and sunny.  The food was amazing (fish every day.YUM).  Slept at least 8 hours. EVERY NIGHT.  And I am finally tan again.  Life is good.  Of course that all went away THE MOMENT I got to the office on Monday.  But I think this “vacation idea” is here to stay.  At least I won’t relinquish it without a fight.  Here is proof that I do know how to relax.

Day 1.  Get to the beach.  And lie on beach until the sun goes down.

View from the balcony that I called home for a week.

The boy and I at Mayan Ruins.  So hot and and SO MASSIVE

Post-ruin drink.  I definitely has about 6 of these.  Where is the rum?  Definitely in every drink I had.

Day 6.  Goodbye, Belize.  I miss you already.

Now that I am back to reality I PROMISE I will share something yummy with you next time.  Be ready for some sugar-filled happiness.


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