Growing Up

Who doesn’t love a birthday?  Definitely not me.  I love birthdays.  All birthdays, but especially mine.  And luckily for me, it was my birthday last Friday.  Ever since I have been little I looked forward to my birthday, so much so that I would start planning six months in advance.  And of course, I dragged everyone who would listen along for the elongated birthday ride.  My favorite threat/phrase during that time sounded something like. . .

“PLEEEASE!  If you give this/do this I will invite you to my birthday party,” or

“You can’t come to my birthday party!”

I was quite a conniving six-year-old and my mom had to initiate a rule that if I even mentioned any party plans before April I wasn’t going to have a birthday.  My mom has always done a pretty good job of combating manipulative mini me and six-year-old Sarah did not want to test the waters of possible not having a birthday.  I was also born on Mother’s Day so I think my mom is very fortunate that I am THE ULTIMATE Mother’s Day present.  Every year.  Forever and ever.  You’re welcome, Mom.  Over the years, that may have changed a little, more to the fact that I have celebrated my 25th birthday a few times now.  Twenty-five is such an awesome age to be and obviously I will be 25 forever.  This year my birthday weekend was incredible; I spent time with two of my favorite people in the world, made myself THE BEST cake ever, and celebrated my favorite team WINNING an epic/important game.  I know, it’s too much for anyone on their birthday.  Which makes me wonder if it is time to begin embracing the truth of the birthday, or continue to believe I won’t grow up.  Based on my 2012 Birthday Adventures, 28 (alright, I said it) is turning out to be pretty cool already:

Pre-birthday hockey game which my team lost (but ended up winning the series 3 days later), but any day for hockey is an incredibly good day.  Although the overwhelming RED did make me a wee bit uncomfortable.  I definitely was not “rocking the red.” :

Day off from work means a stroll through Georgetown and a stop at my favorite ice cream store: 

Celebratory Birthday Cake made by yours truly, which is the best summer-time/greatest cake ever (I sense a post coming soon):

All of this was followed by a birthday brunch with friends, The Avengers, and lots watching of this video.  I love celebrations and this one was all about me.  I am so excited that I got to share it with people I love.  I love being a spring baby.  It means I have the ENTIRE summer to look forward to (and lots of summery treats to make).


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