June Is Busting Out All Over

So it is FINALLY Summer.  It’s about freakin’ time.  Actually I really would like it to be summer every day.  All year.  Once again, the west coast in me will not shut up.  I have a feeling the bicoastal war that is brewing inside me will reach a conclusion.  The peace talks for the final result will probably go smoothly, especially if it means I get to see the sunshine everyday for the rest of my life.  Although I know my mom wants me to stay in the east coast forever.  Obviously because she hates me and wishes me many years of unhappiness.  Mom’s suck the fun out of life.  And by that I mean mom’s are pretty alright.  Even though I am not in school anymore I can feel the lazy days of summer and want desperately to go on summer vacation for 3 months.  Apparently when you have a real job and are being a “real” grownup there is no such thing as summer vacation.  Serriously?  Why did I ever agree to this?  It must be the regular paycheck that provides me with money for shopping  living.  But man, I miss summer.  Since I have a fairly regular schedule this summer — no babysitting, no research til all hours of the night, and no life guarding — I am aiming to actually experience things that have been on the list for awhile.  So here is my Summer List for 2012:

  • New York adventures
    • I lived there for 5 years and met my amazing, superawesome boyfriend there.  I love New York.  I fully plan to explore THE city again complete with tickets to this show and drinks at this bar

  • take walks through DC in the summer
    • living in the nation’s capital is pretty awesome.  Especially when I am 15-20 min. walking distance to everything historical and important.  Time to get cultured/educated.
  • grill & eat outside
    • I love food (obviously) and when your boyfriend is the greatest grilling chef EVER — stay tuned for rum-infused pineapple — you take advantage of this.  Who doesn’t live the smeall of charcoal?  I really do, actually.
  • go camping (at least once)
    • Montauk, here I come.
  • go to the beach at least 3 times
    • I’m from California but the nearest beach is 3 hours away.  UNACCEPTABLE.  But I guess that’s what I have to settle for.  And nothing says summer like beach.
  • take sailing lessons
    • I have a big part of New England in me and that includes snobby sailer.  I can sail a sunfish, no problem, but a bigger boat is the key.  You can look forward to some sort of sailing post in the future.  On a boat, absolutely.
  • take rowing lessons
    • otherwise known as “crew.”  This comes back to my obsession with New England.  How else can I be a snobby northerner?  Actually I was on the rowing club in college and loved it.  I have massive muscular legs and arms and am actually really good at it.  And where is a better place to partake than Georgetown?  Well, maybe Boston, but I can settle for 2nd this time.
  • enjoy champagne cocktails with friends
    • have you ever had Elderflower liqueur?  Everyone do it.  It is AMAZING.  Prosecco + St. Germaine = Summer in a sip
  • picnic. . .EVERYWHERE
    • it’s sunny.  I like to bake bread.  And eat meat and cheese.  And drink summer vino.  Done and DONE.


P.S. I have always been a musical theater junkie.  Thank you, Rogers & Hammerstein for this very-fitting song: 

I’m slowly making the boy a convert, but I’m not sure if he’s ready for this.  For now, we can settle for Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon.


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