Lime Margarita Sorbet

I love summer and all that goes along with it.  Including the HEAT.  I live in Washington DC, which is BASICALLY the south, and it gets hot here.  Not an enjoyable summer sun with a cool breeze in the afternoons.  It is HOT, as in delirium-causing, sticky heat.  But I will honestly take that over the winter ANY DAY.  The moment the air conditioning stays on around the clock and summer pool parties need to be an everyday occurance, are the moments I live for.

This heat also means that you need something cool to keep your body from overheating and melting a la Wicked Witch of the West.  Which brings me to another reason that I LOVE SUMMER: ICE CREAM!  I love the cold delicacy that IS summer.  You always end up over paying for it but it is so worth it.  Pinkberry has made it’s way out here, but not yogurtland.  I am waiting for the day and hoping I won’t have to indulge in that only in California.  I received an ice cream maker for Christmas last year and have decided that it will become a staple in the kitchen over the next several months.  That baby will live in my freezer so ice cream concoctions can always be a reality.  I also purchased The Perfect Scoop to ensure I never run out of ice cream ideas!

It is hot and I will make ice cream once a week.  I know, I suffer so much.  Oh, I just love summer.  Other things I love in the summer?  LIME.  Tons and tons and tons of lime.  Not just for mexican-themed cocktails, but even basic limeaid is so refreshing, although margaritas just scream summer.  Seriously.  If those devilish little drinks had a voice all they would say is summer, summer, summer.  And maybe spic-aay.  So the first freezing cold delicacy to be concocted (and consumed) is yummy yummy Margarita Sorbet.  Honestly the best of both incredible worlds.

I had 3 bites and it was amazing.  Perfectly tart with a hint of margarita flavor.  Sorbet is also supereasy to make because it’s made of sugar, water, and the flavors you want.  That’s it!  If you want it slushier, add more water.  I brought it over to my friend’s house for a Sunday pool party and never saw it again.  But I know that my friends will definitely love it as much as I loved making it.


1 1/2 cups water

1 cup sugar

2/3 cup fresh lime juice (I love using key limes)

6 tablespoons triple sec

6 tablespoons tequila

teaspoon grated lime peel


How to make:

Stir water and sugar in heavy medium saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Increase heat and bring to boil. Pour into medium bowl and chill until very cold (about 3 hours). Mix in lime juice, triple sec, tequila and lime peel.

Transfer sorbet mixture to ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer’s instructions. Transfer sorbet to container; cover and freeze until firm, about 3-5 hours.

(NOTE: when using an ice cream maker, anytime, you don’t want to mix it more than 30 minutes, or it will get too icy when you freeze it and you will lose the creamy consistency.  It will still be like very VERY soft frozen yogurt when the mixing is done.  Put it in the freezer and wait for it to harden up.) 


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