Brought to You by The Letter S

6 Things I discovered this week (or already knew but are VERY important to my sanity)

  • Swimming in the ocean is not scary at all.  Swimming in a pond makes me cry and act like a toddler who is afraid of monsters in the closet.
  • No matter how much I love my job (I do, I do, I REALLY do) I spend all week planning epic adventures during the weekend.  Usually involving food and mimosas
  • I am harder on myself than anyone will ever be.
  • Cheese, meat, and a crunchy baguette is the greatest meal anytime ever.
  • I’m kind of like a prairie dog because my home is my sanctuary and I really like to burrow into my pillow.  Or my boyfriend.  Or both.
  • Ice cream is a totally acceptable dinner.  Year-round.  Even Especially in the winter


1. Being so close to rural Virginia definitely has it’s perks:

Snacks during Virginia wine tasting

2. My company has been successful in what I guess you could call “educational competitions.”  We produce educational curriculum and assessment and have won bids to have our products serve as the foundation in several state-wide programs.  As a result our super fun management rewards us with what I like to call “The party cart:”
The party cart as it rolls through the office
3. It is SO hot in DC in the summers and a sure-fire cure for the heat?  Margaritas and guac.  Who doesn’t love that?  Don’t let anyone fool you.  4 oz. margs pack a punch and guacamole prepared especially for you AT YOUR TABLE is my new fav.
Guacamole made with love

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