July 4th and Memory Lane

I LOVE the 4th of July.  And I LOVE my family.  And I LOVE New England.  Roll them all together and what do you get?  An amazingly stellar long weekend full of salt water, ice cream, and DONUTS.  I love the 4th.  I’m not sure if I can say it is my favorite.  um.  Hello?  CHRISTMAS IS THE GREATEST.  2 things make me feel totally American: 1. The Olympics, 2. THE 4th of JULY.  New England basically invented the  USA which basically means New England INVENTED our Nation’s birthday.  Greatest birthday party ever?  You bet.

I spent 2 years of my childhood living in a small town just a few miles from Cape Cod and really loved it.  Days of early morning bus rides to school — I am still wondering why it took 2 hours to get to a school 2 miles from my house — seances in the graveyard, $1.00 ice cream, and boat house fires.  Basically every scene from cinematic history of what summer is like.  Yep.  I lived that.  And it was awesome.

My weekend was spent swimming 1.2 miles (best thing EVER), soft serve ice cream chocolate dip, beach time, fresh seafood.  Oh and MASSIVE car trouble.  But it’s all good when you have a kickass summer mix.  Here are some glimpses into a stellar summer weekend.

America’s sport on America’s day (GO PAWSOX!)

The grill masters

soft-serve chocolate dip + jimmies (AKA me + boyfriend) = a match made in heaven

My paradise


1 thought on “July 4th and Memory Lane

  1. the letter M also had an awesome weekend! oxo

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