If the Public Demands It

So a little something about me: I have a very energetic attitude about most things in life.  I laugh at everything.  I live for adventure.  Dancing on the kitchen counter is a frequent occurance.  Making a fool of myself with my friends?  Yep. Guilty of that.  All the time.  Basically, I am a happy person.  Pretty awesome, right?  Totally.

I realize that there are some who may not adopt my scream-from-the-mountain-tops exuberance.  That’s cool.  We can probably still be friends.  I have a few readers and you are all lovely.  And if my readers, no matter how few that may be currently, request something, I am going to deliver.  That being said, I have gotten a few requests to tone done the excitement I seem to have exhibited in writing lately.

So let me come clean.  This request was made by my brothers, who claim I use too many CAPITAL LETTERS.  I am not screaming at you, which is the effect established when writing text through a computer.  I simply want to get across to all my everlasting excitement about things I am sharing with you.  Since the majority of my followers are members of my family I aim to please.  So no more.  I swear.  Well, that’s going to be hard.  Like, really tough.  So the presence of capitals will be severely limited.  If the readers demand it. . .I will deliver.

So brothers (and reader friends), no more caps.  Yay for family and Yay for friends.  I’m still loving life and writing this blog.  And cupcakes.  And exciting adventures.  I will continually be excited about everything you see on this blog.  And between my excitement for sharing my passions and your excitement in learning about my baking and adventures, no capitals are necessary.


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