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Summers at my office are beyond crazy.  The next person who says, “I am so busy,” will probably get slapped.  Or at least recieve the death stare from me.  The hectic times are probably due to the fact that my department of 3 PEOPLE is largely responsible for the entire success of an office.  OK, maybe not entirely.  But at least 85%.  Good thing I have the most stellar boss ever.  Who enjoys bellini brunches and cookie breaks.

Monday cupcake break

I am moving to a new apartment in 3 weeks!  The excitement fills my body like Shark Week.  Haha.  That is so not true.  But I am definitely excited for so much light (for incredible blogging pictures), pajama naked breakfasts, and an elevator building — because obviously I am so lazy, says they open water swimmer who works out at 6am.  Stay tuned for more reasons for excitement

carnitas tacos for lunch turn Monday into Funday (at least for the 30 minutes that I stuff my face)

I love babies and I love this.  Thank you to Jessica from How Sweet It Is for turning me on to The Face Baby.

An awesome mid-week date night occured when we saw Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  It is a musical about the rise of Andrew Jackson,in true rock star/emo form.  How can you not love show with such classic songs as, “Populism, Yea, Yea,” and “Ten Little Indians.”  Over all, really amazing.  A bonus from that night?  Stephen (aka best boyfriend ever)  is embracing my love of musical theater.  We started with Avenue Q, then experienced Book of Mormon, which was incrediblyamazinglybrilliant.  And now we belt out musical theater tunes in the car on road trips.  I know.  You’re jealous.


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