Molly’s Cupcakes

I don’t know about you, but my love of cupcakes first started as a child. Cupcakes are bite-sized version of cake and way, WAY easier to clean up after a child’s birthday party. I’m not sure how many birthday parties you are frequenting these days, or how many small children you interact with, but those small humans can be destructive. And I mean that in the best possible way. My love for cupcakes have persisted mainly because they are delicious, but also because I’m still a five-year-old and cupcakes aren’t for sharing. Combine child-like nostalgia and cupcakes and you have Molly’s.

Most cupcake shops smell like sugar, with bakers and decorators hard at work behind the counter. Of course Molly’s has that element but they take it up a notch by having a wall full of games and books. So if the adorable ladies and gentlemen behind the counter (complete with 1950s-esque scarfs) don’t reel you in, how about a homework break of cupcakes and Connect Four?

Molly’s is actually not an NYC original; they come from Chicago, but I’m so glad they did. Molly’s is probably the best cupcake shop for kids, because apart from board games there are an endless supply of cupcakes to choose from. Now, we aren’t talking about 10 rotating flavors here. I mean you can make your own cupcake. Yes. I’m serious. Choose And what kid — small or big — doesn’t like sprinkles. Because you can have those too. Or M&Ms. Or my favorite, gummy bears. Because what goes better with cupcakes than more sugar. #childhood. If making your own cupcake isn’t your thing (or you are too indecisive to choose something on the spot) there is an entire case of creative flavors to choose from. And they all have scrumptious filling. Now we’re not talking buttercream or ganache in the middle. Here we have ooey, gooey fillings. Like legit cookie dough. Or pudding. It makes a plate and fork kind of necessary. But the flavor combinations are endless so I’m OK with that.

So I’ve been here before and instead of sticking with the prearranged flavors I made my own. Mainly so I could try various flavors and combinations. But also because making decisions is a major weakness of mine. And if I have to start somewhere, it might as well be with cupcakes.


I went with chocolate and a mini red velvet. As I watched them putting my mini cupcake being put together, complete with sprinkles, I was a little nervous since I went with browned butter frosting. Everyone knows that red velvet cupcakes always go with cream cheese frosting. No exceptions. But guys. This browned butter frosting is out of this world. The most intense flavor. Creamy, not grainy. It’s literally perfect. I am in frosting heaven. How did I not know this was a thing and why have I not made it my mission to create this in my kitchen. Well obviously that has to be remedied. Stat. The cake itself was fluffy and moist, with a fine crumb, but it was lacking some red velvet flavor. The cupcake connoisseurs at Molly’s also did an awesome-sauce job of putting my cupcake together since the cake:frosting ratio was perfectly balanced and brings out all the flavors. Breaking it down reveals some areas of improvement, but that’s OK because we will definitely need to revisit this.

I’m in love with chocolate cupcakes because nothing sets me straight like the perfect chocolate cupcake. And while this one isn’t perfect, it’s definitely up there. I chose to pair it with French Buttercream, because no one does that and something light and fluffy was just what I needed. Much like the red velvet, this one was perfectly balanced, in terms of volume and flavor. I didn’t go crazy with frosting and stuck with one that actually goes with chocolate and it made the collective experience so much better. The cake was moist, had tons of flavor, although it was slightly crumbly. The cake leaves room for improvement — it was a solid cupcake but not the one of my dreams. Let’s talk about French Buttercream frosting. Do you wish “American” Buttercream Frosting wasn’t so sweet? If you fall into that camp, this is the frosting for you. Perfectly light with subtle vanilla flavor and satiny smooth. I’m really liking this trend of new, unorthodox frostings on typical cupcakes. If thats how we’re gonna switch it up, I’m down with that. I’m really glad Molly’s was so good, because I get to come back and really do a deep dive into cupcakes.


Molly’s Cupcakes
228 Bleeker St
New York, NY

Mini: Red Velvet with Brown Butter Buttercream
Reg: Chocolate with French Buttercream


Presentation: 4/5
First Bite: 4/5
Cake: 3/5
Frosting: 4.5/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 4/5
Total: 19.5/25

Presentation: 4/5
First Bite: 4/5
Cake: 3/5
Frosting: 4/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 4/5
Total: 19/25


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