Tribeca Treats


I’m a huge fan of frosting. I’m a person who scrapes the filling out of Oreos leaving a box of cookies. Because frosting is crack and I’m addicted. I’m not shy about overloading cupcakes I bake with a mini mountain of frosting. And I may scrape all the frosting of an unsuspecting boyfriend’s cake. So when I walked into this pink and brown bakery and noticed 8 “frosting shots” sitting on the counter my inner 5-year-old brain started screaming , “sugarsugarsugarsugarsugarSUGAR.” And I will absolutely pay $1.50 for more frosting. Because there’s no such thing as too much.


Onto the frosting: this is amazing. It’s thick and creamy, not grainy and not overly sweet. I may have found my perfect NYC frosting. So I was way excited for the cupcake too. First, it’s so pretty, pro piping job with a perfect distribution of sprinkles. It also covers the entire surface of the cake, but it isn’t overwhelming. I’m so excited! Finally! A place that knows how to do cupcakes right!


So, first bite, you’re probably thinking I’ve found it, right? Sadly, no. Everything in my mouth screamed, too sweet. Yes, this is a vanilla based cupcake, which tend to be sweeter, but it left me feeling deflated. In my cupcake heart. The cake itself has very good vanilla flavor, and a fine, moist crumb. Really amazing. But I discovered the culprit who ruined my cupcake expectations. The frosting did it. Which totally messed with my mind because the frosting shot was the MVP of the day. But the cupcake frosting was too sweet and also slightly grainy. It wasn’t creamy and thick. There was ample frosting for this cupcake and the cake:frosting ratio was perfectly proportioned. If only the frosting had been as good as my frosting shot, we might have had a winner. But I’m excited to return for Round 2 and evaluate more flavors! Frosting Shots save the day!


Tribeca Treats
94 Reade St.
New York, NY

4th of July

$1.50 (vanilla frosting shot)

Presentation: 4/5
First Bite: 3/5
Frosting: 2/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 4/5
Overall:  17/25


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