Big Booty Bread Company

Holy wow. Big Booty Bread Company has the best smell of any bakery I’ve been to in a long time. That was literally my first reaction upon walking in. How can a bakery smell this amazing and have me walk away empty handed. Obviously that’s dumb. Bring on the sugar. I’ve been intrigued by this shop for awhile because any shop with big booty-ed man on the window is amazing. And it’s just way too fun saying “big booty.”


There are several kinds of cupcakes displayed under domed cake displays, which is a total relief after my last taste, which came from refrigerated cases. Not cool. I went with Red Velvet, which the bakerista said was their most popular. At first look this is a great cupcake. The piping job was great, not too much, and the entire cupcake is covered by frosting. Of to a great start. And this continues — with the first bite, cake flavor, frosting flavor, etc. This is a really solid cupcake. The first bite revealed great flavor, not too sweet, and a seemingly perfect frosting/cake combo. Upon further cake exploration, the cake had a nearly perfect red velvet flavor and a fine, moist crumb. The frosting had a great slightly sweetened flavor. I do wish it was thicker and it lacked the tanginess that I was expecting in a cream cheese frosting (which is typically paired with red velvet). But I didn’t mind this variation because it went really well with the cake, I think it actually made the cake better. The cake:frosting ratio had a perfect combination and balance of texture and flavor and neither the cake or frosting hogged the spotlight. Big Booty’s red velvet cupcake is the perfect unassuming, classic cupcake. It doesn’t exude bitchiness or elitism. Can cupcakes be bitchy? I’m going with yes. It kind of reminded me of something my mom would make. Or my southern grandmother. If I had a southern grandma. I’m very into stepping into this kitchen again.

IMG_20151005_161231Big Booty Bread Company
261 W. 23rd St (@7th Ave)
New York, NY

Red Velvet


Presentation: 4/5
First Bite: 4/5
Cake: 4/5
Frosting: 3.5/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 4/5
Overall: 19.5/25



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