Sugar & Plumm

Sugar & Plumm is an adorable shop along one of the cutest streets in Manhattan. Bleeker Street is right smack in the middle of Greenwich Village and it’s totally adorable and every single shop and restaurant is also. If you aren’t from New York, chances are most picture you’ve seen of quant townhouses on tree lined streets are from Greenwich Village. And when I first moved to New York –in 2006 — that’s what imagined my life like. But my tiny shoebox of an apartment on Bleeker and 6th Avenue was the size of a largest closet, and it cost more than anything a 22-year-old without a trust fund had ever purchased. Just living the dream. At least I was close to Magnolia Bakery. And hipster-finance dating prospects. Oh man, I had so much to learn. Like what actually makes a good cupcake. And to avoid those finance heart breakers at all costs. At least until I had eaten for the day. But Greenwich Village does have killer bakeries. Case in point, I definitely just had a superstar chocolate cupcake.


If Candyland and a colony of fairies had a baby the result would be Sugar & Plumm. Everything is pink and purple and the vast array of cookies, macarons, and candy — so much candy — can definitely cause one to miss the cupcakes. Because they only have three kinds. Just don’t do it. The chocolate cupcake alone is phenomenal.

IMG_20151022_171142  IMG_20151022_171306

First of all it looks really amazing and there was edible glitter on my cupcake. Um, yes to glitter. I felt like a princess who was made this cupcake from my own personal fairies. And biting into this cupcake sends a mixture of grown-up-princess-tea-party-feelings. For those of you who don’t speak princess fairy, let me clarify that: great chocolate flavor, nice balance, and overall happy feelings. The cake had a fine, moist crumb and was definitely not dry at all, which is a huge feat for a chocolate cupcake. The frosting had a strong chocolate aroma and flavor, was creamy, with no graininess, although it was slightly too thick for the light texture of the cake. The cake:frosting ratio was great; good balance and had the perfect amount, not too much cake, not too much frosting.  The thickness of the frosting did make it a little top-heavy once 2 bites were taken out of the cupcake, so it wasn’t able to stand up on its own. But if that’s my biggest problem, I’m not too worried. I’m definitely looking forward to being transported back to fairy princess land, full of candy, and chocolate goodness.


cupcake down

Sugar & Plumm
257 Bleeker St
New York, NY

Chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting


Presentation: 4.5/5
First Bite: 4/5
Cake: 4/5
Frosting: 3/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 4/5
Overall: 20.5/25


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