City Cakes

IMG_20160224_153510One of the great things about living in New York City is discovering new places, even in neighborhoods that you think you know. I walked by this place 3 TIMES after finally seeing this tiny little bakery tucked under a scaffolding down some secret stairs to a tiny little shop. The pastry counter is about 4 feet long and presents cupcakes as well as their HALF POUND cookies. Well, I’ll be back for those. Definitely. There’s nowhere to sit inside so I took my cupcake and ate it on a bench. Because of course. This is NYC and cupcakes should be eaten on the go.


Look at me, trying a cupcake other than chocolate. Bring on the Nutella-covered-something and I’m game for anything you can put in my mouth. I’m pretty sure that Nutella goes with everything. I’m sure it’s scientifically founded. I’m fairly confident in that. And this cupcake is no exception. This Oreo-Nutella stuffed cupcake (yes, you heard that right) is amazing. Like, seriously, get yourself to City Cakes and eat this as soon as possible.

I was blown away from the first bite. Amazing flavor, creamy frosting, with a hint of Nutella-covered after taste. The cake was moist with a subtle vanilla flavor and the crushed Oreos are just enough to make an impact and not too much to overwhelm the flavor of the cake. This frosting was perfectly creamy with an incredibly sweet vanilla flavor. The Cake:Frosting Ratio is the only area where I find fault. The frosting so creamy and piled too high that is overwhelms the other flavors, which are all great. The cake is very good, but the subtle flavors get lost with the rich frosting. But overall, this is a great cupcake with a great blend of flavors, which can be difficult with the plethora of elements in this cupcake. Thank you, City Cakes, for making the most decadently delicious non-chocolate cupcake for me to keep me happy.


City Cakes
251 W. 18th St.
New York, NY

Flavor: Crushed Oreo Stuffed Nutella (yes, really)

Presentation: 5/5
First Bite: 4/5
Cake: 4/5
Frosting: 4/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 3.5/5
Overall: 20.5/25



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