Eleni’s is an adorable sweet shop located in Chelsea Market, which is an epic indoor market, complete with shopping, snacks, restaurants, and of course, cupcakes. I first it when the family I babysat for introduced them to me.

Eleni’s is not solely a cupcake store, they also have cookies, brownies, and candy. So it’s pretty much a one-stop-shop for any sugar-fiend. I do not discriminate, but my heart always lies with cupcakes so that’s what brought me back.


I’m really going to have to start branching out because it seems I’m a chocolate girl, through and through. I swear I like other flavors too. Chocolate is just so GOD damn sexy. And delicious. Deliciously sexy. And that’s always going to win me over. This chocolate cupcake also had a heart-shaped sugar cookie so it’s a good day. While this cupcake had really solid, chocolatey flavor, it was slightly crumbly, but overall a very decent cupcake. The frosting is creamy with a great milk chocolate flavor. It has a soft whipped consistency and a great texture. The cake:frosting ratio is great, as it covers the whole cupcake and the frosting doesn’t overpower the cupcake. Overall, a really good cupcake. I’m more partial to deep, dark, rich and sinfully-chocolaty, but this milk chocolate variety is definitely a winner for some people.


75 Ninth Av (@ 15th St)
New York, NY

Presentation: 5/5
First Bite: 3/5
Cake: 3/5
Frosting: 4/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 3.5/5
Overall: 18.5/25



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