Sugar Sweet Sunshine


So this little shop is iconic in New York City. Forever creating cupcakes with creative names, like Sexy Red Velvet. Yes. Cupcakes can be damn sexy. They are always on the top of any “Best of New York” list so of course they are on mine.


The day I visited this little shop in the Lower East Side it was actually my birthday. Of course, one eats cupcakes on your birthday. Especially if you are 30-something going on twelve. And this was post-pancakes from Clinton St. Baking Company. I mean, I was in the neighborhood AND it was my birthday. So bring on the cupcakes. In my attempt to branch out from chocolate, I went with a super sexy Red Velvet.


This is a really solid cupcake. Like, it makes me happy in my heart. I had the good fortune of tasting the first one OF THE DAY. Yes. It was a special day. There is lots of frosting globbed on there. And it definitely looks like my preschool self decorated this cupcake. This cake has a great flavor; a subtle chocolate flavor and a deep red color. The cake was fluffy, not dry. The frosting is light and fluffy but there isn’t a lot of flavor, which was a let down. The cake: frosting ratio is exactly what I look for in a cupcake so that makes up for the lack of frosting flavor. Sugar Sweet Sunshine has quite a following, and for good reason. It’s not my perfect cupcake. But it is perfectly appropriate if you feel the need to eat your preschool cupcake-loving heart out.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
126 Rivington Street
New York, NY

Presentation: 3/5
First Bite: 4/5
Cake: 4/5
Frosting: 3/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio: 4/5
Overall: 18/25



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