5 New York Cupcakes You Have To Try

So I seem to have neglected this little project. But I still love cupcakes. I promise!  I moved to California and they just don’t do cupcakes over here the way New York does. And I’m not happy about it. But I did discover some really awesome cupcakes in my favorite city (still New York) and before moving on to San Francisco eating adventures I’m leaving you with this list.

My data-driven cupcake-tasting methods never steered me wrong. I’m not even sure who reads this or if you’re “over” cupcakes. Which I definietly don’t understand because cupcakes are my lifelong loves. But I bring you five of the best cupcakes in New York City that don’t come from Magnolia Bakery, or another cupcake chain that has found its way to New York City. Now to be fair, this is by no means a complete list. I didn’t even get to go to some of my favorite places, which makes me slightly more than a little sad. And I really can’t include them on this ranking because there is not sound data to provide. And science is essential in cupcake assessment. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to finishing this New York cupcake project, but for now I bring you the top performers (so far) from this groundbreaking research.

Amy’s Bread. If you don’t know about Amy’s Bread, you should. These cupcakes taste just like mom made. If your mom was a world-class baker. Good thing mine is so I know what I’m talking about. Please have these cupcakes to relive your childhood birthday dreams. Do you remember how glorious those days were? I ‘member.

One Girl Cookies. They may be called One Girl Cookies but I’m telling you, these cupcakes pack a serious punch. Decorated to look like spikes but it’s like you are attacked with glorious creamy frosting. Just try to not buy anything else while visiting this iconic Brooklyn bakery. I dare you.

Big Booty Bread Company. Just the smell alone will hook in. I swear I could spend hours here. And I have. Big Booty Bread packs a serious flavor punch. The red velvet cupcakes are solid and I want to eat everything under those domes cake stands. No refridgerated cupcakes. Yay! That is a win.

City Cakes. These are “mom isn’t mad at you anymore so she bought you cupcakes” treats. Sometimes they are filled with nutella. And everyone knows that nutella means love in bakery talk. Please make a stop at this teeny tiny bakery with just enough room to oogle the goodies before you stuff your face. Between gorgeous cakes, half-pound cookies (yes, that is correct), and cupcakes, I woul not miss out on this bakery on your cupcake tour. It truly is a hidden gem in Chelsea.

Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free. So this little bakery in the East Village specializes in gluten-free treats so you may be confused as to why it made the cut. Well because they are really freakin good. I don’t think I’d pick them first but I definitely wouldn’t leave them alone. The frosting alone is my favorite. If you must eat gluten-free you must eat these cupcakes.



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