Crisis Averted

I live in an incredible city, with an incredible boyfriend, and have a great job, but I can easily forget these facts when I am preoccupied with thoughts of moving up in the professional world and the end of my lifelong journey.  In the culmination of my quarter-life crisis, two things were brought to my attention: (1) I have tons of time for everything I want out of life, (2) embracing my time in DC means more adventures to experience.  In my attempt to embrace the nation’s capital (and life in the present) , my boyfriend and I trekked to The National Mall to picnic by The Lincoln Memorial and just enjoy the amazing city we live in.  Nighttime strolls, followed by lime popsicles, make for a great way to live in the moment.  Quarter-life crisi averted.  For now.  Because I am restless and live for adventure.

Lincoln Memorial, side view

World War II Memorial

Washington Monument


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