Ode to Pumpkin

I love pumpkin.  Which is probably the reason I love fall.  Not as much as I love summer, obviously, but it’s definitely a close second.  A very close second.  But do I love pumpkin because I love fall?  Or do I love fall because I love pumpkin.  The world may never know.  Although, my closest friends probably already do.  You probably can get some sense of the answer to that mystery too.  Especially given the photographic evidence below.  The mystery is even more intriguing since the debate is still out on whether pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable.  Either way, it is delicious and I am in love.

The first baked good that breaks into pumpkin season has got to be pumpkin bread.  Having your  whole apartment smell like pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg?  Yeah, it’s as amazing as it sounds.  And my pumpkin bread is just that — AMAZING.  I love my pumpkin bread because it is the first recipe that is totally, 100% my own.  As in, original creation from square one.  No help from anyone (well, except for my fabulous taste testers).  It is my first born.  And yes, I play favorites.  I definitely hold that recipe close to my heart, and am not quite ready to share it with the whole world.  But if you want to come over, I will gladly make it for you.  And you can even take some home!

But don’t be sad.  I fully intend on presenting many, many other pumpkin delicacies.  I love pumpkin so much that my kitchen stash will last well into December.  And if it doesn’t I will definitely replenish it.  I have even been known to make pumpkin bread in March or April.  Yes, I love it so much.  And just because I love Fall doesn’t mean ice cream isn’t present in my “super healthy” diet.  Helllloo?  Pumpkin ice cream!  Yes, it’s true.  So basically, I love pumpkin.  Stay tuned for yummy concoctions featuring my most favorite fruit/vegetable.


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