Alice’s Tea Cup


When a bunch of girls who work at Starbucks have a day off what do you think they do? Obviously meet for brunch and drink tea and eat scones. Of course. One of my in-the-know baristas introduced me to this place and I swear, I’ll never be the same again. No other scone can ever really hold a candle to these ones. A place that serves pumpkin scones YEAR ROUND?!! Yes please, sign me up for a lifetime membership. Alice’s Tea Cup is the girls party you want to throw for every major event. Except I’m not sure anyone could pull it off. So for the rest of us who don’t have the patience, or skill, there is Alice’s. I brought my brother here once and he wasn’t a fan. He was freaked out by all the fairies and sparkles. But not by the Bourbon Bread Pudding. Fancy a tea with your best lady or guy? This is definitely the place to go. And of course they have cupcakes. What is a tea party without cupcakes? Obviously dull. I had actually never had their cupcakes before but they are on the list so here we go.


First, this is a huge cupcake. Definitely larger than your average one. Not quite as massive as Crumbs, but still definitely very large. This cupcake was dry with little vanilla flavor and a texture (and taste) like cornbread. The frosting had great flavor; it was creamy with good vanilla flavor. It had a hard exterior that was hiding the creaminess (which is something I like) but it lacked the fluffiness that one requires of a perfect cupcake. The cake:frosting ratio is appropriate, but the dryness of the cake takes over the overall effect of the cupcake experience. It looks great and if taste isn’t important, these massive cupcakes are very impressive. But I’m looking for that foodgasmic cupcake, which is not this. Alice’s does scones like no one else, but cupcakes? Not their thing.

Alice’s Tea Cup*
102 W. 73rd St
New York, NY



Presentation: 4/5
First Bite: 2/5
Cake: 2/5
Frosting: 3/5
Cake:Frosting Ratio:3/5
Overall: 14/25

*Other Locations

Chapter II: 156 E. 64th St
New York, NY
Chapter III: 220 E. 81st St
New York, NY


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